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The Legend of Relic

An immersive, action-packed RPG crafted with my own style! · By Insydnis


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Currently out of commission
My laptop's charging port is currently any future work or plans for my games has been currently halted...Sorry everyone...Idk when im going to be ab...
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Grammar Fixes + NG+ workaround
+ Fixed a few dialogue errors in NG+ +Fixed text errors for a few items. +Vahm now starts with 3 additional duplicates! Triple the fun and chaos!
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Final minor touches
+ Added party hp display when in combat. + Changed low health sound effect so i don't get sued by Square Enix for using a low health sound similar to Kingdom He...
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Game is Back up
NG+ (New Game +) Is now available after completing the alternate story ending for Relic, where you can play as a completely different character and use guns! +...
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More Updates TBA/ Game down.
To prevent people from having to download the game, and constantly repatch it with my updates, i've decided to put the game on hold for now, til i am 100% done...
Sound balance
I will be doing a sound patch for the whole game eventually, lowering and balancing the volumes of everything so you don't have to. :)
Data Files & SE
Don't worry about these files, these are temporary for a few friends of mine to soft patch their versions. :)
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