Game is Back up

NG+ (New Game +) Is now available after completing the alternate story ending for Relic, where you can play as a completely different character and use guns!
+ Introduction of Crossbows!!!
+ Made some new modifications to enemy status effects! Beware, my friends!
+ Created several new, unique accessories and rings! 


The Legend of Relic.exe 306 MB
Jan 17, 2019


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Hi there! Someone pointed me in the direction of this game and I was gonna give it a whirl but there doesn't seem to be a download option on the main game page and I can't access the file associated with this post either.

I did see you uploaded a super hard version of the game for peeps to play on a separate page but was wondering if this original version is still available to play anywhere?

Cheers! =)


Oh crap!! I am so sorry!! I have the game uploaded on multiple sites and its hard for me to keep track of all of them, plus i am also working on my Prequel. >W< I still need to update the Archon Version to include all my additional new areas and DLC area.